Orc at barricade, for Pathfinder n°91

Ezren and Imrjika against dead souls, for Pathfinder n°91

Amiri vs screed and his direwolves, for Pathfinder n°91

"bog trogs" for no quarter 58

"Ilena beast of the north" for no quarter mag n°58

"The lab" for no quarter mag n°58

Brigh Goddess for pathfinder adventure path "iron gods".

Made for no quarter magazine 56.

Living in the jungle, the croaks from "monsternomicon"  book

Chapter opener for Pathfinder role playing game.
The unholly first.

Mummy's mask adventure path characters
Gods of osirion

Pathfinder, occult mysteries cover art.
Demodands for pathinder adventure path "wrath of the righteous".

Character design for pathfinder "tears at bitter manor" book.
Gobber for no quarter magazine n°52

Weapon design for iron kingdoms.
Hulk bust sculpture, personnal project
Ultramarines captain, personnal work.

Orc shaman for Wizard of the coast art test.

Nurgle army, personnal work.

The glass eyed duchess, personnal work.
Assassin's creed IV Black flag character design

Assassin's creed III character design

Assassin's creed revelations character design